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Aspen Currently Owns & Manages 930,000sf Valued at $110 Million


Aspen Real Estate is a private equity real estate investment firm committed to delivering superior risk-adjusted returns to our investors.

We are a “Hands On” vertically integrated investment and management firm.

Aspen manages all aspects of identifying and securing property to purchase as well as the operation of those properties.  

What sets Aspen apart from its competition is our conservative underwriting combined with a proven ability to see the Future Value in properties. 


Real Estate has long been recognized as a valuable addition to the traditional stock & bond portfolio. Yet most investors struggle to access the asset class due to the lack of capital needed to invest alone and the lack of expertise/experience required to identify quality investment opportunities. Thats where Aspen comes in . 

Aspen provides institutions and high net worth individuals the opportunity to invest in the high yielding "Value Add" real estate sector - Aspen handles all all aspects of these management intensive projects.

"Knowing Philip and Alex are hands on managers gave me confidence in their projects - which have turned out to be fantastic Investments."

Successful Track Record


Previously sold investments have generated returns of 25% to 50% per year to our Limited Partners.


Currently owned investments are projected to generate 18% to 70% per year return on investment - NET to our Limited Partners.

We currently own/manage 930,000 sq. ft. valued at $110-million.

Our retail tenants include: 

Benj Moore.png
Our office tenants include: 

Investment Strategy


Aspen will continue to acquire Retail and Warehouse properties at a discount to future value.

We continue to seek out opportunities where we can Add Value to assets through unique leasing campaigns and the upgrading/repositioning of properties.


Target assets are typically neglected by the Seller due to:

  • Over-leverage

  • Older ownership

  • Estate owned

  • Foreclosure

  • Lack of experience

  • Lack of capital needed for renovations and tenant lease up costs


Foreclosure Assets continue to offer the opportunity to acquire assets at below market prices.

This includes:

  • The purchase of defaulted mortgages

  • The purchase of real estate owned by lenders that already completed the foreclosure process.


There are approx. $7 billion in CMBS real estate loans currently in default across the U.S. These are secured by approx. 1600 properties.

These loans and/or properties MUST be liquidated to settle the bond holder’s interest. 

Target Return on Investment


Aspen underwrites acquisitions at a projected 16% to 20% per year Net return on investment to our Limited Partners. This rate of return is a combination of positive cash flow distributions and Capital Gain profits from the re-sale of the properties.


Profits from the re-sale of properties are taxed at favorable Capital Gains rates.


Integrity, Excellence and Performance are the core principals of the Aspen Real Estate.


It is very important that we take a Hands On approach to managing all our investments. All operating expenses are reviewed for possible ways to reduce cost.  In-house management and construction experience keep operating and construction costs to a minimum.

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